What is Trillium Solar Power Co-operative?

Trillium was established to give Ontario residents a platform to support and benefit from the deployment of solar energy in Ontario. The co-op is made up of Ontarians who believe in sustainable development and clean energy initiatives, and want to see investment into projects such as solar energy circulate within their communities. Every member has one vote and is able to influence Trillium’s decisions if they choose to actively participate.

Why should I join?

As a member, you will be entitled to receive a share of future surpluses that may be generated by Trillium from projects it participates in.

You will also be entitled to a member vote at meetings and receive updates from the Co-op. You can choose to opt-out on news updates if you wish.

How do I join and what information does Trillium require?

If you would like to join Trillium or refer a friend, you can contact us by phone or email, or just fill out the fields on our Membership page and we will get in touch with you to complete the process.

The only information we require is name, address, and contact information to register you as a member.

Is my information kept confidential?

All member information is kept strictly confidential and cannot be shared publicly. We do not require any sensitive information from our members – our register only contains their name, address and a means of contact – so nothing more than what is available in the phonebook.

Will Trillium put solar panels on my roof or property?

No, becoming a member of Trillium does not mean we can place solar panels on your roof or property.

Where are Trillium's solar projects going to be installed?

Trillium’s solar projects under the FIT program are typically located on 5-acre parcels of underutilized land that are leased from individual landowners. Trillium only supports solar projects built on unproductive land. In many cases, these solar projects provide landlords with stable income for land they otherwise wouldn’t use.

Who is behind Trillium? How is it managed?

Trillium is established by people just like you who are interested in seeing greater deployment of solar energy as part of Ontario’s energy mix, and believe that sustainable development ultimately benefits everyone. Just like any other co-operative, each member has the right to vote and can influence decisions of the co-operative by voting at members’ meetings.

Who is the Independent Electricity System Operator and what is the Feed-in-Tariff program?

The Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO) is a government agency that works at the heart of Ontario’s power system. They are responsible for managing the power system in real-time and planning for the province’s future energy needs.

One of the programs managed by the IESO is the Feed-in-Tariff (FIT) program, which, in part, facilitates the deployment of small-scale renewable energy projects with community participation. Under the FIT program, Trillium is able to participate in projects with developers, providing a platform for Ontario residents to both support and benefit directly from those projects installed throughout the province.

Doesn’t solar make electricity more expensive?

Solar produces energy when we need it most – during the day when people are at home or at work, the lights are on and air conditioning and heat is running – often referred to as ‘peak demand’.

Also, distributed energy generation such as solar projects located across the province means energy is used near where it is generated and less money is spent on delivering electricity compared with large gas, coal or nuclear generating stations that use cross-provincial distribution lines.

According to a recent study by Power Advisory LLC, solar energy accounts for approximately 5% of the average Ontario residential electricity bill, whereas nuclear and natural gas account for approximately 32%.

Who regulates Trillium and other renewable energy co-operatives in Ontario?

All active co-operatives (including renewable energy ones) must be registered with the Financial Services Commission of Ontario. Co-operative activities are governed by the Co-operative Corporations Act.

Where can I get more information?

If you have any questions about Trillium or the FIT program, please do not hesitate to contact us through our Contact page.

Alternatively, you can learn more about Ontario’s renewable energy space and co-operatives by checking out some of the following links:

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