Who we are

Trillium was established to give Ontario residents a platform to support and benefit directly from community-oriented solar projects developed in the Province.  Trillium is one of Ontario’s largest renewable energy co-operatives, and continues to grow with over 550 members.

Trillium is involved in solar projects under the Ontario government’s Feed-in-Tariff Program, acting as a bridge between communities and developers, ensuring projects maintain a localized support base and where members of Trillium have the opportunity to benefit directly from them.

Founding Principles

Trillium’s founding principles are:

  • Ensuring community-oriented solar projects play a key role in Ontario’s shift from fossil fuels to renewable energy generation
  • Giving Ontario residents a platform to express their support for solar energy
  • Bridging the gap between solar project developers and local communities to ensure mutual benefits are enjoyed by both groups
  • Keeping members engaged and informed by sharing news on renewable energy developments in Ontario

Trillium is registered with the Financial Services Commission of Ontario and is regulated under the Co-operative Corporations Act.